Remaking Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

Jun 20, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on Remaking Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

This has to be one of my favorite Michael Jasckon songs of all time. I remember when it had a special on fox that aired on February 2nd, 1992. Having a world wide premier for a single like that was unheard of for me.


Year the song was released: January 14th, 1992


Artist:Michael Jackson


Producer: Teddy Riley


Lable: Epic


Key: Aflat Major




Music Production Platform I used for the remake: Native Instruments Maschine




Drum Sounds: Sampled From Other Michael Jackson Songs


Electro Toms Drum Samples


Organ Sound: Korg M1 though I have been told that a Roland D-50


Bass Synth Sound: Native Instruments Monark


Strings: Korg M1


Piano: Korg M1


Synth Lead Sound: Native Instruments Monark

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