Khemistry 101

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    Learn how to design famous presets from the Khemikals Series and create your own sounds in this easy to follow course!

    • 25 Video Lessons
    • Easy to Follow from begining to end
    • Re-create FAmous and Classic Sounds
    • These skills translate to any plugin or hardware synth.
    • Featuring Sounds from Khemikals Season 1 (Previously Phate 1)
    • Lessons taught on Native Instruments Massive

    5 Moduals Included

    • Bass Sounds
      • Modual 1 takes through the basics of sound designs by teaching you how to design smooth bass sounds to wild ones. Create brooding bass sounds for trap-soul as well wild sounds for EDM and pop records.
    • Leads
      • Now that you have an understanding of how to create bass sounds, the next step is to create lead sounds. Dillio will show you step by step out to re-create his sounds.
    • Pads
      • In Modual three Dillio will show you how to create your own backdrop and pad sounds, they help set the mood of the song and create an atmosphere to your music or sound tracks.  These sounds are great for Trapsoul and beyond
    • Miscellaneous
      • Modual 4 teaches how to go into more miscellanious sounds and SFX. This is where we go beyond musical sound design elements and start to venture into sound design for atomosphere, vibe and ect.  
    • Basics
      • This modual plays a roll as a glossary to the while lesson. Teaching you the fundamentals to help you what are the elements of this plugin and how you can relate them to other musical instruments 

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