Khemikals Season 1 – Trap Soul Native Instruments Massive Presets

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    Khemikals Season 1 (Previously called Khemikals Phase 1 and Phase 2.)

    • Expand your sound library for your music production
    • Presets that are designed with the Trap Soul, R&B, Trap Producer in mind
    • Use in any music sequence that run Native Instruments Massive

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    Quick Facts:

    • 92 Presets
    • .nmsv files
    • Use in Native Instruments Massive
    • Pads,Leads,Bass,Chords,?Keys, Sequences,SFX
    • Trap Soul, Neo Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, Ect.
    • 339 KB’s of Data
    • For use With Native Instruments Massive Version 1.5.1 or higher.

    This beat was produced using Khemikals

    Preset List

    ARP cs1x arp.nmsv 2.9 kB
    BAS 24k Base.nmsv 2.7 kB
    BAS AI GONG.nmsv 2.9 kB
    BAS Blast Processing.nmsv 3.2 kB
    BAS Breathing Base.nmsv 2.8 kB
    BAS dat analog.nmsv 2.9 kB
    BAS Dillie Base Overtone.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BAS Dillie Base.nmsv 3.3 kB
    BAS dirtyboy.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BAS Drunk.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BAS extreme bass.nmsv 3.2 kB
    BAS Gangsta Base.nmsv 2.8 kB
    BAS Jade Base.nmsv 3.2 kB
    BAS Limitless.nmsv 2.8 kB
    BAS MovieMoog.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BAS Needed Base.nmsv 2.8 kB
    BAS Snap Funk Dillie Base.nmsv 3.2 kB
    BAS Thrill Base.nmsv 2.8 kB
    BAS VideoGames.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BAS Wop Base.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BEL Bellish.nmsv 3.1 kB
    BEL Dont Mind Me.nmsv 3.2 kB
    BRA Sassybrass.nmsv 3.0 kB
    GAT Rush.nmsv 3.2 kB
    KEY Chord 1.nmsv 2.8 kB
    Key No Hype.nmsv 2.8 kB
    KEY Rhodey Keys.nmsv 3.3 kB
    KIK Dillie Kick.nmsv 2.8 kB
    KIK Trap 810.nmsv 3.1 kB
    LED Are You that Person?.nmsv 2.9 kB
    LED Back Lead.nmsv 3.3 kB
    LED Black Lead.nmsv 3.3 kB
    LED Digital Dolphin.nmsv 2.8 kB
    LED Etoditna.nmsv 2.8 kB
    LED G-Funk U.nmsv 3.2 kB
    LED Gangsta lead.nmsv 2.8 kB
    LED Lil’ Diddy.nmsv 3.6 kB
    LED Neo Flute.nmsv 3.1 kB
    LED Sid Chip.nmsv 3.2 kB
    LED Throw Back Lead.nmsv 3.0 kB
    LED Trancer Quick.nmsv 3.2 kB
    LED Trancer.nmsv 3.2 kB
    LED womp sound.nmsv 2.9 kB
    LED Yeah!!!.nmsv 3.0 kB

    PAD 24k Synth Brass Dark.nmsv 2.8 kB
    PAD 24k Synth Brass.nmsv 2.8 kB
    PAD App Entrance.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Back Pad.nmsv 3.0 kB
    PAD Brood Pad.nmsv 3.2 kB
    Pad Do not Pad.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD DreamScape.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Fade IN.nmsv 2.8 kB
    PAD Mermaid.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Needed U.nmsv 2.8 kB
    PAD Oceanview.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Path Of The Sage.nmsv 3.4 kB
    PAD Quarish Pad.nmsv 3.0 kB
    PAD Singularity .nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Social Media.nmsv 3.0 kB
    PAD soul trap.nmsv 3.1 kB
    PAD Star Pad.nmsv 2.7 kB
    PAD Sunset.nmsv 2.9 kB
    PLK 24 Pluck.nmsv 2.8 kB
    PLK ToothPick.nmsv 2.9 kB
    SEQ Future Ghetto .nmsv 3.4 kB
    SEQ Futuristik.nmsv 2.9 kB
    SEQ Love Scene.nmsv 3.5 kB
    SEQ Lucid Dreaming.nmsv 3.9 kB
    SEQ Noisy Jam.nmsv 3.2 kB
    SEQ Rainy Day.nmsv 3.1 kB
    SEQ Rubicube.nmsv 3.0 kB
    SEQ Step Synth.nmsv 2.7 kB
    SFX Cadilac Stop.nmsv 3.1 kB
    SFX Cali Drop.nmsv 2.7 kB
    SFX False Lead.nmsv 3.0 kB
    SFX FunkyRizer.nmsv 3.2 kB
    SFX LazerGame.nmsv 3.1 kB
    SFX Money Sound.nmsv 3.3 kB
    SFX RiserFire.nmsv 3.0 kB
    SFX Scary Square.nmsv 2.6 kB
    SFX water droplet.nmsv 2.8 kB
    SFX Wynd.nmsv 2.8 kB
    SYN CaliCali.nmsv 2.8 kB
    SYN Chacha.nmsv 2.8 kB
    SYN Emotional Synth.nmssv2.8 kB
    SYN Limited.nmsv 2.7 kB
    SYN Mercury.nmsv 2.6 kB
    SYN Step Synth.nmsv 2.8 kB
    SYN Womp freak.nmsv 2.9 kB
    TALKBOX Dillio’s Magicbox.nmsv 4.8 kB
    SYN Shimmer.nmsv 2.8 kB

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