How to deal with Anxiety being a music producer.

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For the unknown music producer.

This post was inspired by a comment that I saw on my YouTube channel however it was deleted, and I wanted to respond to that person in depth but however I can’t even find the comment or remember who it was from, how ever it did touch on some things that I also deal with myself. Often times it can be stressful after watching tons of YouTube videos of successful people on YouTube platforms talking about how they started with nothing but they now work full time in their passion. Our feeds are full of of tutorials, motivation videos and countless other content that still leaves you wondering what you do next.  So then you take it further and you run into pay-walls for help. Memberships, Courses, and so forth. I can’t hate.  It’s the natural progression own your platform and charge admission to feel connected. You-Tube was once a place full of people experimenting, going viral by accident to now a bunch of videos that create value that ultimately funnels you to the next list or course or membership with no guarantee for your success. In full disclosure I’m learning the same tactics and employing them myself so I’m not exempting myself from trying to make the same moves. This can be stressful for someone looking to find their own way, and even can produce anxiety as well, so using resources like IV infusions for mood disorders could actually be helpful making you feel better and able to carry on with the work.

I feel that I am speaking from a interesting place. My music career hasn’t change my life yet and I’m still learning new things. Most of the people we search on YouTube has had major success and thats good for them but ultimately it is up us to figure out our own paths. To be honest these are things that I think about myself and I came up with some statements I have read in my comments and some thoughts that I have had and I wanted to share some new ideas on how to deal cope with the Anxiety of wanting to have great success while at the same time fighting to survive.

“How come it’s them and not me”

This is a question that can come up and to be honest there is no clear answer for that. There are extremely too many variables. Everyone works hard, everyone has a dream but life isn’t a set of steps you can do right to expect a specific result. Life doesn’t work that way. I think real life is you doing everything you believe to be right and things still don’t work out to your favor and I don’t believe that because things didn’t work out means that you didn’t do everything right. I think it’s a good idea to visit their stories if they share it because you may find a nugget that can help you. You don’t have to like the person and honestly you do not have to like me, but I have learned that sometimes there could be information that can help you. Asking yourself how come it’s them and not me is only the result of comparing yourself to someone else. I admit that I do that, it’s a habit on that I’m breaking every day so that I can stay more focused on my own path. Let go of this question so that your hands and mind can be more free to focus on getting your own your own way.  Everyone’s path is different. Don’t be afraid to make your own mistakes and learn your way. Focus less on the success of others and focus on discovering new ways to help you make yourself successful. It will be time better spend.

I am happy that they made it and If I keep trying new things , trying other things again and stick with it I can make it too.

“I have been at this a while”

So you’ve been working at this music thing for a while, you have had small victories and people know you for what your good at however you have not been able to make a full time living off your music. On top of that you hear of younger people reaching their dreams and goals at a much younger age and then you wonder, how come that didn’t happen for me at that age.  The interesting this is that this happens for a ton of situations not just musical aspirations. Do you ask yourself compare yourself if someone younger than you lost a loved one while you have been able to enjoy other loved ones for a much longer period of your life.  Or what about the person who have had a life altering injury at a young age, do we feel anxiety of missing out on that? If your like me you may wonder why your day has not come yet, but I submit to you that instead of thinking about it that way , that you think what else can I learn to make my day come. Learning never ends, there is always a book, a YouTube video and if your fortunate enough a human being who knows the way and can guide your path.

I no longer compare myself to those who have achieved their dream before me or after me because it play no part in me reaching my goals.

“I’m not making any progress”

I know the feeling , you upload something, people don’t watch it, or share it and it doesn’t get the traction you think it should. To me this is the best time to start doing research.  Obviously everybody looks at videos and like I said in the beginning now some of them are basically the start of a sales funnel but however I want to submit to you to not be afraid in trying that course and also don’t be afraid to ask someone else what was their experience with courses and consultations. E books are another good option and even audio books are a good option as well. I have a saying and that saying is dig the dirt and find the nugget. You don’t have to fully like the personality of the person or fully vibe with who they are but try to put that aside and take a closer look to see if there is a new idea or mindset that you can adopt to improve yourself. The times that we are stuck are the the best times to invest time and resources into self improvement.

The next time I feel confused and I don’t know what’s the next step I will ask questions, do reserarch, and study and I believe that if I do this, I fill find the answers I’m looking for


I know that the internet is wide open and often times there is no clear path to follow and your still in the position to have to try multiple things without the guarantee that it works. Your not alone how ever you can still learn and still grow, do your best to focus on your own path. Be grateful for the success of others and also anticipate greatness and success for yourself. Try things again, try different things, Study, and take a break if you  need but never give up if this is what you truly want to manifest.


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