How Distrokid is the next wav for Indipendent Artists

Jun 14, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on How Distrokid is the next wav for Indipendent Artists

Do you remember the time?

I remember a time when it was a big deal just to get your music on a popular platform like iTunes. It was as thought you were not legit until you got your music on that platform, of course this was the time the ipods were popping. At this time you really didn’t have too many choices.

Before streaming was the move.

While I was streaming on blogtv while bringing traffic over from my youtube channel, one of my viewers told me about tune core and how it can be used to get your music on itunes. This of course was a big deal, sure I would pay the fee that they would charge to put my music on iTunes and other music services platforms however there was a problem. See, I am an independent artist who has not yet mastered or acquired enough fans to render enough sales to justify the recurring installment that would happen every year. This fee would land somewhere around a cool $50 dollars, and on top of that , that was just for ONE album. Needless to say that the return on investment became smaller and smaller while the fee to keep my music online remained the same. At the time I had about 3 albums on the platform so imagine how I felt paying about $150 a year while seeing that I’m not making that in sales, and also keep it in mind that this was not streams. So I cancelled the subscriptions and off went my music.

A good option but still expensive.

Enter CD baby. CD baby offered something that tune core did not. With a one time fee, your music would be featured on all the popular streaming platforms with one fee. However, singles would cost you $10 to upload and albums go on there for around $50 and or above. This was great however it discouraged me from uploading my back catalog because of the high entry point knowing that I still may not have to many people listening to my music at this time.

Cheap, Affordable, Fast.

Now there is a new player in town. Distrokid. To be honest when I heard about the recurring fee it reminded me about Tunecore but the thing I did not know was that for the fee that they do charge yearly is that you have unlimited singles and album that you can upload. So that means for a smaller fee I can upload songs that I would not have uploaded otherwise and on top of that I could finally upload albums that would have cost a lot more. The fee is $20 dollars per year and they have upgrade options available if you want it on there permanently which brings them into the same realm as C.D. Baby.  This makes all music platforms extremely accessible for Artists as well as music producers alike. Produces can upload beat tapes and indie artists can upload their back catalog and also drop new singles without waiting to long. Another thing is that their turn around time to get your music onto the internet is pretty quick actually. The final thing is that if you collab with someone, you can set it up so they can get a cut of the sale or stream that you agree upon. These are features that you have to pay extra for on other platforms.


To be honest I was reluctant to give distrokid a shot because of my prior experiences but I think this is the wave of the future and now the hard part is just bringing awareness to the music and that my friends is something to talk about in another post.


If you are interested in signing up for distrokid. Use this link here.


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