Fingerprnt Beat Battle Review

Jun 27, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on Fingerprnt Beat Battle Review

So like how I see most things online, I caught wind of the flyer for this event.  I was sorta playing double dutch because I am often faced with the fact of that I find out an event that I’d love to perform or participate at the Day of.   I typically like to be prepared before I go. Thankfully I found out about this event with enough time to at least put in my calendar.

One thing you will learn about me as that if you want to ask me to do something last minute and it puts me at a great convenience the answer will typically be no.

Lets get onto the beat battle experience. So the entry into the competition is $25.oo. That is not bad considering a lot of battles can get very costly and yield very low R.O.I so while it may seem like the move, I think its best to check out whats going on with the producers who have won the previous battles.

The rules were simple and I think they are doing sort of a seeded tournament thing where as the higher your score is the better position you will be at for the final tournament. It was kinda confusing when I heard it but I kept it moving.

Each producer was required to play 3 tracks for 1 round which is very different from what I am used to and then you are given scores by the judges who are presiding.

After each round the judges would provide their feedback and to be honest most of it was mixed. This is where I think one of my bad habits ring out. I have a bad habit of looking for depth in the wrong places.

When the judge asked me about if I knew about music math I felt a little bit confused, I asked myself doesn’t every music producer know “music math” .  Long story short he said that the beat should change every four bars. I can agree when its needed in the context for a beat battle, but not for actual records. Other comments from the other judges were, that this or that could be better or that it was just dope

What I did like was meeting different people and networking and I also met a producer who I have seen online who represents the airbit brand.  He was a really nice guy by the way.

After the event I was met with more produces who also shared their opinions with me about what I understand to be more of the same feedback. Which was cool.

Again for me it was just an experiment to test the waters an see whats going on at these battles. For the most part it’s the same and I think that If I compete again for fun, cause thats all your really gonn get most of the time, that I format the tracks I bring to more of a faster to the point battle format vs the song writing format.

Over all I give a experience a 2 ish to 3 out of five. I think that judges should provide more insightful feedback but like I said before. I have a bad habit of looking for depth in the wrong places.

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