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10 Tips for beginning artists, musicians and producers.

Aug 15, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on 10 Tips for beginning artists, musicians and producers.

1.Practice your craft every day

When you are starting off it is important to stick with developing your craft every day. Rather it be music or anything else, it takes time. It takes time to play your songs well, and also it takes time to perform your songs well. I always looked at this way when it comes to other things that I enjoy. I would play video games a lot and I thought to myself if I all the time I used to get good at a video game was used to improve my craft, how good at that would I be instead. I have nothing against enjoying hobbies like that as I am a gamer myself, but don’t enjoy it so much that it eats up all the time you can spend developing yourself in the direction that you want to go in life.

2.Pic one platform to recorded music on.

There are tones of platforms or D.A.W’s (Digital Audio Workstation) that you can choose from. At the end of the day your the listeners to your music will not care and not be able to tell what you use. If you want to use, Logic, Pro-tools, Ableton or anything else like Studio One, FL Studio use it! Stick with it until you master it! If you keep switching from one platform to another without mastering the one that you are using now, you will waste time learning how to record on the next platform instead of creating and recording the music that you want to share with the world.

3.Don’t be afraid to use royalty free loops on your projects.

Even I at one time got into this phase where I had to create every single sound myself, and to be honest not even other producers or music creators genuinely care.  Loops can be a tool to fill in the gaps of your music creation and in today’s age it is more common place than ever to use them. My favorite place to go for loops other than is Splice. Splice has a ton of royalty samples that can fit any style or genre that you choose. It is a great tool and I have a link right here should you want to check it out and subscribe.

4.First Focus on Singles and E.P.’s not albums.

It is easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to release perfectly recorded albums as a independent artist and that is not the case. When you focus on making perfect albums in the real world, it can take often years of you trying to get it together, especially when your wrestling with real life circumstances in that life brings you. It is ok to do albums, but it’s also ok to release a single and there is really no excuse not to have your music online on all music streaming platforms, it is now more affordable than ever before and easier than ever before to have your music distributed. The harder part is promoting your music but as you keep sharing your music with the world , the more people will learn about you want what you want to bring to the table when it comes to your music.  I recommend a platform like distro-kid because it’s only $20 dollars a year and it enables you to release unlimited singles and albums on all streaming platforms fast.  If you want to use that tool, please use this link if you want 7% off your first year.

5.Build an email list

It may seem like a hassle but building an email list is a good way to let people about your new releases and projects. When social media platforms come and go you will always have your mailing list. I personally recommend Mail chimp or even band camp. One way to build your email list is to give a free song away in exchange for an email.

6.Create branded Content on the platforms that you choose

This can be on YouTube , Instagram, twitter and etc. We live in the video age now and now it is just as important for people to see you as well as hear you. When you create these channels try not to go to far off in too many directions as it can dilute your audience and they will not know how to identify you properly and no know what to expect. Create content as consistently as possible at a rate that realistically works for you.

7.Document the process

Don’t be afraid to show people what is coming up in your next project and also don’t be afraid to show a inside look as how you practice your songs and record them , or how you create tracks, document yourself doing shows or the challenges that you face on your journey. It will help your audience get to know you.

8.Participate in self improvement

One of things that I know that you will run into  our courses on  how to do things. Trust me I know myself as I continue to develop in my journey. Online courses can provide focused training on an skill. This can be courses on how to do anything from selling your music to selling beats, how to improve your vocals or your musician ship. There are virtually an unlimited amount of courses out there that are available. I even have a course myself teaching people how to design their own sounds. Also know this , it can feel a bit risky some times because you don’t know if the course you are looking at will help you our not. My advice is to go for it and try it, you never know what can happen and you may find that one nugget of information that can change your life.

Also one thing I recommend is audio books. Audio books are great at getting you information without you having to sit still and watch a computer screen , or it can provide something constructive as you sit in your car in traffic.

9. Journal

If you are a creative person like me. You have a lot great ideas that pop into your head on a regular basis. It can take a lot of extra effort as you go through your busy day to consciously remember these ideas there for it’s a good idea to keep a journal. You can write down information from phone calls, lyrics and ideas for songs, tasks that you need to do. This helps you maximize your time and make your more efficiency in keeping track of progress, coaching yourself, and helping you keep yourself accountable for all of the tasks that you need to take care of. I keep a small book in my pocket with a pen at all times to help me stay focused.

10. Collaborate

There are millions on people online who are trying to do the same thing as yourself, why not meet them and create music with them as well, you can both expose each others audiences to each other which helps to increase brand and awareness. Also don’t be afraid to use someone else production on your project. In fact you can use some beat of mine that I have online for free!

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