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Auto-Tune EFX+ Review

Jun 29, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on Auto-Tune EFX+ Review

Antares strikes again with their signature product at a more affordable price.

Auto-Tune for all.

For a long time I wanted to invest in a new version of auto-tune however the price point was a little steep for my taste. Earlier this year Antares rolled out Auto-Tune Access,  a $99 entry level product. It’s design interface is clean and refined and  far cry from back when it was green and red. I found this product interesting and I wanted to get it however I felt like it was missing the features I am used to having from this product. They later roll out with Auto-Tune EFX+. This version ads live effects to the plugin that you can tweak with an Kaoss pad X/Y style parameter.

I like it better than Waves Real Time Tune

When I used the waves version of pitch correction, it would do it’s just but for some reason it felt like something was missing. It took more work to find that sweet spot between it sound to normal and too tuned. However when I tried to achieve the same goal with this plug-in, it did not take me long to find just the right settings to make it sound great.

Limited but balanced features.

With this version of Auto-Tune, you do not get the full piano keys on the bottom like you do the pro, so sometimes if your trying to correct a vocal on a particular scale it can be challenging. One way around it is to open up another track and put the audio that needs that different scale on the track and go from there. You will get pretty similar results. On this version you don’t get tracking parameters or formant parameters.

The EFX+ Part

So this version of auto-tune comes loaded with a good amount presets that you can choose from, some of them seem pretty practical while others may be skipped over frequently. My only gripe about this is that I personally believe that there is a lot more under the hood that meets the eye. As a sound designer I’d like to have access to that.


At a price point of $200 dollars, its not to steep of a price point to come into the Antares world. I personally would like to have more options to tweak and use but it does give you that classic industry standard pitch correction. Definitely a worthy investment and I will be using this plugin for years to come.

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