Cahaya Melodica Review

Jun 02, 2019 by dilliot2k - Comments Off on Cahaya Melodica Review

When Cahaya contacted me about doing a review for some of their products, I was kinda puzzled but I decided to look at their product line anyway .

What would an Artist and music producer who makes tracks with Analog Moogs, Banging MPC’s and high  end gear do with a simple piano harmonica?

Well, this is what happened.

Long story short there was one interested  that peaked my interested and it was the Melodica, a wind blown musical instrument that was portable, and sounded kinda like a harmonica only that you have keyboards that are arranged in the same way that you would have on a piano.

The instrument itself came with a carrying case, two hoses , a cloth and it was very well put together for a in expensive package. In the meantime like how anybody does to do research, I looked up video about it and found a popular twitch streamer by the name of LilyPichu.  In this video she would walk around playing the theme songs to popular intellectual properties at a convention.

Of course when I got mine, I had to try it out and put my thoughts on it.

In closing its a very fun and inexpensive instrument.  Here are some quick facts about it.

  • Inexpensive
  • Fun To Play
  • Comes with extra parts


  • Keys can be a little clicky
  • Limited note range
  • Wrist can become fatigued supporting it

If this article makes things interesting enough for you to want to buy one from Amazon, I have included a link here.


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