What is Zource? Click Here to Find Out

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Introduction To Zource

How to Install And Use

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What tools does Dillio use To make Music? F.A.Q.

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Dem Chords Vol.1 Now On Sale!!

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Troubleshooting F.A.Q. Here.

How to talkbox with Massive like a boss.

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When I first got into talk boxing. I thought that I need an expensive keyboard like a Moog Model D or a hard to find keyboard like a DX10 just to get the sound right. However that is not the case and in this article I will share with you a simple list of things you need that won’t cost a lot of money to get you started.

Table of Contents

  • Native instruments Massive
  • Natinve Instruments Talkbox Patch
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Talbox
  • Patience

Native Instruments Massive

Originally released in 2007 from Native Instruments. Massive has been one of the main go to synths for a long time. It painted the landscape for the dub-step movement and also provide a great platform for sound design. It’s 3 oscillator platform with multiple wave-tables, filters and effects made it a powerhouse in all musical genres.

This is the plugin in which you will need to use the preset I designed. If your a owner of Native Instruments Maschine, your copy comes bundled with this plugin.

Majykbox Preset

This preset features my own personal settings that I developed to provide the most efficient and flexible option available to get the best talk-box sound. To use this , simply download the preset and load it up into your instance of Native Instruments Massive.

Computer or Laptop

Got a computer ? You are good. Laptop? Same thing. Because this is a preset that runs on a plugin you will need something that can run it. The cool thing is that you can use Native Instruments Massive inside of a D.A.W. or you can run it stand alone. When I recorded my Grown Album I actually used a second computer to run the talk-box separately from my main daw. This enabled the most efficiency.


This is the most important element of this setup. The talk-box is what bridges the gap between the preset, the computer and you. There are various talk-boxes on the internet and my first one was a Banshee Talk-box. It worked pretty good.


I know this is the part of the article that gets kind of lofty and I normally like action and practical steps instead but this is the part that can not be taught. In order to have this work for you , you have to stick with talk-boxing and continuing to build up your skill. After that, make a video or post it on you-tube or social media with the hashtag: #majykbox  

Download the preset Here

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